Deliberate collision of a car into bystanders in new York’s times square has claimed the life of one person and more than ten people received injuries of varying severity and were taken to nearby hospitals.

As informs “the Russian Dialogue,” the Russian General Consulate in new York notes that as of this hour nothing is known about the Russians, victims of the pedestrians on times square.

Information about the incident is constantly checked by diplomatic missions and in case the situation changes this.

“Information about the Russians in this incident we do not yet have. We keep a situation under control,” — said the representative of the Embassy.

Earlier, there was a terrible footage of car collision with dozens of random passers-by on new York’s times square.

“Russian conversation” already wrote about the fact that members of the NYPD have refused to recognize the attack of the driver of the car over pedestrians by act of terrorism to clarify all the circumstances of this case and the results of the interrogation of the driver.