The CEC continues the counting of votes and the second round of the presidential election, world leaders congratulated Vladimir Zelensky’s victory in the elections, militants of the “LNR” handed to Ukraine 60 prisoners – that will be remembered Monday 22 April. And now more.

The counting of votes

The Central election Commission has processed of 99.74% of electronic protocols. According to recent reports, actor and showman Vladimir Zelenskiy scored 73,22% of the vote and President Petro Poroshenko – 24,46%. On overseas constituency Petro Poroshenko scored 54,73% of the vote, and Vladimir Zelensky – 43,78% of the vote. In addition, the CEC began to take the protocols with the wet seals.


The word, of the Committee of voters of Ukraine noted that the second round of the presidential election was fair, and the violations were less than in the first round. And the head of the Central election Commission Tatyana Slipachuk believes that the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine is an example of what needs to happen for real democratic free elections.

Congratulations for Zelensky

Despite the fact that counting of votes still continues, many world leaders have congratulated Vladimir Zelensky’s victory in the elections. So, Prime Minister, Theresa may, said that he hoped for close cooperation, and promised to continue to support the sovereignty of Ukraine. And German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the settlement of the situation in Ukraine and a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Donbas is very important for Germany, as the implementation of the centralized judicial reforms, decentralization and the fight against corruption. She also invited Zelensky in Berlin.