Kyiv court of appeal on Wednesday dismissed an appeal by the state, leaving in force the decision of the judge of Pechersky district court Vyacheslav Pidpaly, which he ordered the state PrivatBank (Kiev) to pay more than $250 million in favor of the six offshore companies in the Surkis brothers, said the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the press service of the Bank.

As reported, in early March, the executor filed an appeal against the decision of the judge Pidpaly on the payment PrivatBank Surkis more than $250 million, not coordinated with gravitygame Bank. The Minister of justice Denis Malyuska explained this by the fact that the advisers of the Bank were the initiators of the petition, which, according to him, led to the aforementioned court order.

It was noted that PrivatBank has also filed an appeal against the decision of the judge Pidpaly, but no further information regarding its review, the court has not yet provided.

Earlier, in February 2020 the judge Pidpaly ordered PrivatBank to compensate for the offshore companies of Surkis money, which they in 2012-2014 on accounts placed the Cyprus branch of the financial institution, and the interest that was to accrue under the terms of the Deposit agreements.

At the end of 2016, while the nationalization of the Bank funds placed with the family of Surkis and their companies on Deposit accounts of PrivatBank and its subsidiaries came under the procedure of bail-in as Surkis was recognized associated with PrivatBank persons.

Surkis trying to challenge their inclusion in the procedure of bail-in in the courts. In particular, the Supreme court of Ukraine on April 27 will continue its consideration of the appeal of the national Bank of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers and Privat on the decision of the lower courts in favor of Surkis on the occasion of their funds in the Bank worth over UAH 1 bn.