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Photo: from open sources

The Chairman of the Odessa regional administrative court was charged with driving while intoxicated.

Today the court dismissed the case opened in February against the Chairman of the Odessa regional administrative court Oleg Pohanka for driving while intoxicated.

Administrative proceedings Monday closed the Primorsky district court of Odessa.

Gluhanchuk were absent from the meeting. His lawyer demanded to close proceedings, arguing that the car the President of the court ruled, patrol allegedly threatened to Guandukou use of force, etc.

In addition, the limitation period of bringing to responsibility according to the article, a sane judge, expired in mid-may.

As reported, the evening of 11 February in the center of Odessa police stopped a Toyota driven by a man residing in a drunken state . It was reported that the driver was the head of the Odessa regional administrative court Oleg gluhanchuk, and in the passenger seat was the commercial Director of a large company, who is also member of the Executive Committee of the Odessa city Council. The citizen who owns a foreign car also was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. According to police, both citizens behaved provocatively, especially companion judges.

February 13, press service of the court said that Gluhanchuk denies his arrest for driving while intoxicated and was allegedly in the passenger seat.

The Internet was spread a video in which the judge and his companion communicate with the police and doctors during the medical examination and before and after it. On the recording heard profanity detainees, and threats to the law enforcement officers. The press service said that this record is “doubt”, is “biased” and so forth.