Photo: the German Police

Paul H. in 2016, attacked the passengers in the train and at the station in Munich.

The regional court in Munich Thursday, August 17 was declared to be mentally deranged 28-year-old Paul H., who in may 2016 with a knife attacked people at a train station in the city of Grafing, and ordered to place it in a closed psychiatric clinic.

“He was declared insane, because he could not control his actions,” explained the judge.

According to the medical examiner, Paul H. suffers from bipolar disorder and is a danger to others.

Paul H. may 10, 2016 first attacked with a kitchen knife on one of the passengers in the train, then the station is on the second. After that, he attacked two cyclists, one of whom delivered papers. In the end, four people were injured, one of them later died.

We will remind, in June 2016 18-year-old native of Iran staged a shooting in the shopping center Olympia in Munich . He killed nine people and then himself.