The Board of Appellate court of Odessa region was released from custody on bail of people’s deputies Moustapha nayem and Gregory Sverko teacher of children’s camp “Victoria” Hope Ancic, who was considered as responsible for fire safety.

As the correspondent of Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, such decision of the court made on Thursday after the representative of the prosecution eased requirements on the measure, proposing to appoint N. Ancic house arrest.

She suspected claims that he resigned two weeks before the fire, which killed three girls . According to her, the camp leadership reportedly refused to accept the letter of resignation and give the work book.

N. Ancic was senior tutor and was responsible for fire safety in camp “Victoria” in Odessa, where on the night of 16 September there was a major fire that led to the deaths of three girls. The woman is a suspect in criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 270 (violation of established by legislation requirements of fire security, entailed heavy consequences) the Criminal code of Ukraine. In this case, she was arrested for 60 days.

The head of the Main Department of Ukraine in Odessa region Dmitry Golovin said that N. Ancic is not the main suspect is her fault and rather formal.

However, the reporters found that the inspection of fire safety in camp July 2017 rescuers ordered officials of Victoria to conduct a series of fire prevention measures, including to ensure the operation of fire alarm systems, conduct fire-retardant treatment of wooden structures of buildings, etc. In view of the revealed violations, N. Ancic was even brought to administrative responsibility. However, she just paid the fine and did not take any measures