ROSTOV-ON-DON, may 16. /TASS/. Pervomayskiy district court of Rostov-on-don, was postponed until June 21, the consideration of seven lawsuits against the airline FlyDubai from relatives of victims of the crash, which occurred in 2016. The parties requested time to come to a settlement agreement, told TASS a press-the court Secretary Victoria Petrosyan.

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The tragedy in Rostov-on-don: what is known about the crash Boeing

On Wednesday the court has started consideration behind closed doors of seven lawsuits against the airline FlyDubai. In total, the court received 34 of the claim to the carrier. They will be considered behind closed doors. The company FlyDubai TASS reported that they “know about these court cases”.

“All meetings [seven actions] pending on June 21. The parties filed an application for grant of time to prepare for the conclusion of an amicable agreement,” – said Petrosyan .

According to the court documents, claims “About compensation of moral harm in connection with causing harm to life and health”, where the Respondent was the airline, will be considered on 16 may, 17 may, 30 may, 6 June. The victims represent the legal company “JBI Expert” (families of the 37 dead passengers) and advocate Vsevolod Sazonov.

Earlier it was reported that in Rostov the court to the carrier and the manufacturer Boeing, a lawsuit was filed for the recovery of compensation from one of the relatives of the victims, which represents the interests of Sazonov. Third parties attracted by the interstate aviation Committee (IAC) and the Federal air transport Agency, the amount of the claim is more than 500 million rubles.

The Boeing 737-800 of FlyDubai’s March 19, 2016, completed a scheduled flight from Dubai to Rostov-on-don. For two hours under difficult weather conditions the crew made two attempts at landing approach at the airport of Rostov-on-don. After the second unsuccessful attempt, during a climb, the plane began a sharp decline and at high speed crashed on the runway of the airport, completely destroyed. Killing all on Board 62 people – 55 passengers, including 44 of the citizen of the Russian Federation, and seven crew members.

Claims to FlyDubai in other courts

The advocate Vsevolod Sazonov, representing the interests of the plaintiffs, reported that several relatives of the victims sued the United Arab Emirates (UAE) an action to recover compensation with FlyDubai, it took into consideration. According to him, neither FlyDubai, neither the insurance company still has not offered “no legal redress” to the relatives, despite the fact that, according to reports, “the aircraft was insured for several hundred million dollars.” He noted that the majority of families “were paid compensation not exceeding $10-20 thousand”.

The press service of the airline FlyDubai has announced that the carrier is committed to providing fair compensation to the families of passengers killed in a plane crash in Rostov-on-don.

As said by the lawyer, the hearing in the court of the UAE is still ongoing, as “the official conclusion that there was wine carrier – airline FlyDubai, but there is only an interim report on the results of the investigation of the accident by the MAC”.