The court of appeal in the Hague refused to Ukraine in the removal of the judge in the case of the Scythian gold.

As reported on the website of the court, the grounds for recusal were found.

“On the basis of submitted documents and the proceedings at the hearing, the court finds that there were no circumstances that would convincingly testified to the presence of bias”, – stated in the court decision.

As reported, in September 2019, the Ministry of justice of Ukraine stated that due to a number of circumstances a judge of the court of Appeal of Amsterdam, dealing with the case, may be biased. So, judge for several years carried out representation of interests of Russian company “Promneftstroi” in the case against OAO “NK “YUKOS”, so actually defend the interests of Russian Federation as the main interested party in the settlement of the case in favor of “Promneftstroy”. In addition, the representation of the interests of “Promneftstroy” it was carried out in close cooperation with the lawyers representing the Crimean museums.

Exhibition “Crimea. Golden island in the Black sea” represents a collection of Scythian gold jewelry was set at the Allard Pierson Museum from the collections of five museums, one of which is located in Kiev and four in Crimea. Since the Netherlands did not recognize the Russian annexation of Crimea, which occurred after the opening of the exhibition, the question arose of whom to return the collection of Museum objects 565 total insurance value of EUR 10 million.

On the part of the collection owned by Crimean museums after the occupation has been claimed by the Russian Federation. Ukraine, in turn, argues that “the exhibits may not be returned to the occupied territory, which is temporarily not under Ukrainian control, they must be passed directly to the state Ukraine”.

In December 2016 the District administrative court of Amsterdam has recognized the right of Ukraine on collection and decided to transmit it to Kiev. In March of 2019 began a new round of proceedings in the court of Appeal of Amsterdam.

16 July 2019 court of Appeals issued an interim decision and asked the Ukraine and the museums of the Crimea for more information on the dispute.