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The International court of justice in the Hague today, Buda is the last day of hearings on the case of a claim of Ukraine against Russia, his speeches for the Russian delegation. It is reported by the correspondent channel “112 Ukraine”.

Russian more Ukrainian delegation, its Chairman, former Ambassador of Russia in the Netherlands Leonid Kolodkin. Among the defenders of the foreign lawyers. To be presented by the Ukrainian delegation, but the right to vote they are today.

The head of the Ukrainian delegation Olena zerkal stated that “it is unlikely that we will hear something from Russia, but another lie.” After today’s meeting, the judges will go to make decisions, it can wait for a month .

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We will remind, on March 7 during the last performances of Russia under the walls of the court came to the relatives of the victims of flight “Boeing” MH17, they demanded that Russia was telling the truth.

As reported previously in the International court of justice representatives of the Russian Federation explained the origin of weapons from the militants, saying that the Soviet or Ukrainian army left the gun was in the mines, and fighters found it themselves. The SBU is the statement of the Russian Federation called part of an information operation in a hybrid war against Ukraine.

Recall, 16 January the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine filed a lawsuit about the violation by Russia of the UN Convention on countering the financing of terrorism and the Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination international court of justice in the Hague. Ukraine demands from the Russian Federation to the termination of funding illegal armed formations in Donbas and the restoration of the Majlis in occupied Crimea.

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