Delta Bank was returned to his property previously alienated from him by fraud of the integral property complex – café “Olivia” on Mechnikova str., 55-b, in Odessa, according to the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals (fgvfl) on Monday.

According to the report, the return of the property to the Bank is fixed by the decision of the Odessa district administrative court in case No. 815/6306/16, which entered into force.

As noted by the Fund, employee of the Odessa branch of the state enterprise “State Institute of forensic economic-legal and technical studies” Alexander Kravets 12 September 2016, based on the decision of seaside district court of Odessa, made a record of title in the State register of rights to immovable property.

According to her, the ownership of the Bank to the integral property complex was discontinued, it became the new owner of Stepan Stone. On the alienation of property, the Bank became known after conducting another test in November 2016 .

In this seaside district court of Odessa in response to the request of Delta, the Bank said the case, which became the basis for alienation cafe “Olviya”, the court did not, was not registered and was not considered and the decision for recognition of S. the Stone of the right of ownership of the asset is not handed down.

The Odessa district administrative court satisfied the claim of the Bank in full – declared unlawful and quashed the decision of the state Registrar on re-registration of ownership rights to immovable property.

“Thus, real estate returned to the ownership of the Bank and will be sold under liquidation, and the proceeds will be directed on satisfaction of requirements of creditors” – said Fund.

Delta Bank was founded in 2006. Its largest shareholders by the beginning of 2015 were Nikolay Lagun (70,6059%) and Cargill Financial Services International, Inc. (29,3941%). NBU on 2 October 2015, on the proposal of the Fund has decided to revoke the banking license and liquidation of the Bank (liquidation extended to October 2019).