MOSCOW, June 27. /TASS/. The market “avtograzhdanki” can withstand the loss without increasing the rate of CTP to the end of 2018. This forecast at a press conference in TASS announced the President of the Russian Union of insurers Igor Jurgens.

“If government, Central Bank will decide the rate to hold, by the end of 2018, the current market, its capitalization rate, this case will not stand, and licenses will be put to very many companies,” he said .

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According to him, it is too early to assess the impact on reducing loss introduction of natural compensation in auto insurance, which is valid from 28 April and is intended to reduce the costs of insurers on litigation payments unfair avtoyuristam. Insurers offered “to introduce natural view as the lesser of two evils compared to avtoyuristy,” he explained.

“Most likely, (a loss of approx. TASS) will not align completely,” – said Jurgens. Additional requirements that were imposed to repair for insurance (auto parts repair warranty dealers), increases the cost of the average check payment to the insurer by 13%,” he said.

According to the Bank of Russia, in Q1 2017, the insurers paid insurance by 4.2 billion rubles more than it collected fees amounted to 48.2 billion rubles, payments – 52.4 billion rubles.

RSA requested the Bank to increase territorial factors CTP in toxic regions, to cover the losses from them, said Jurgens. “We offer regional indexes there to raise, it would give about 20 billion rubles, which would close the hole. We are awaiting a response on this issue from Central Bank”, – he said.

In addition, would allow “some time to hold out for” lower prices for parts in order to repair and insurance, said Yurgens: now the Union is the recalculation of the average cost of parts in reference on the basis of which calculated the amount of damage for insurance.

Despite the unprofitability of insurance, surrender of license can also be disadvantageous had previously reported that the sides TASS in the insurance market: in this case, the insurer continues to pay money for insurance claims, but stops to collect the prize.

April 28-in Russia came into force new rules for payments on insurance: instead of monetary compensation to the victim in most cases, repairing cars. This procedure applies to contracts of insurance entered into after 28 April.

The rate of insurance was increased by 40-60% in October 2014 and April 2015, prior to that, he has not changed since the introduction of mandatory “avtograzhdanki.”

Price of parts can be reduced

Igor Yurgens also noted that the average price of spare parts in the reference books of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI), based on which we calculated the fixation insurance, for the first time can be reduced by 16% due to the strengthening of the ruble and introduction to the market of cheaper analogues of original spare parts.

According to him, the decision is still pending and requires further recalculation. Price reduction in the Handbook will reduce cash payments for insurance and fees for the services of car care insurers in the natural refund. “Recalculate, can (be reduced approx. ed.). 10%, 16%,” said Jurgens.

The payout for insurance is calculated according to the approved CBRF common methodology of calculation of damages. The cost of parts and labor times of work shall be calculated according to the reference PCA. Data on the average price of spare parts for 50 thousand items of RSA receives from external contractors every six months, reminded Jurgens.

“Six months have passed since the previous reference when the price has risen by 4%. Now it has dropped to 16%,” he said. The reason – the strengthening of the ruble and the increased competition among automakers, said Jurgens.

“The market began to receive brand new items that can be put (for cars) under the new law (natural compensation – approx. ed.) but which are made in China or Korea. It is an absolute analogue of “Mercedes” and the rest (the details), but competition between automakers in the world is that these items are cheaper by 20% or more,” – said the President of RSA.

Insurers and dealers

According to the law of natural compensation insurance in the car repair should only be made with new parts, and guarantee the machine for up to two years shall be repaired at the official dealer. The consumer does not pay extra for wear and tear parts (replacement of old parts with new ones), these costs borne by insurance company.

As previously reported by TASS, insurers faced with the refusal of a number of official dealers to enter into contracts for the repair of the car for insurance: dealers are not satisfied with the established uniform methodology the cost of repair. As a result, the insurers continue to settle with the consumer money.

Questions to common methodology is the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), which plans to offer Central Bank approaches to a clearer differentiation in the cost of repair depending on the region, said earlier the Deputy head of Department Andrey Kashevarov.

According to first Deputy Chairman of Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov, the transition to a natural question of payment of cost of repairs goes to the level of interaction of the insurer and service center, and becomes less relevant to the consumer.

April 28-in Russia came into force new rules for payments on insurance: instead of monetary compensation to the victim in most cases, repairing cars. This procedure applies to contracts of insurance entered into after 28 April.