The Department of police of National police of Ukraine during carrying out anti-piracy RAID “Pirate” stopped the activities of more than 30 online cinemas, reported on the website of postal and telecommunications.

According to the report, the police operation to combat piracy lasted for months. During the operation, the employees of the police stopped the activities of more than 30 pirate online cinema, according to the materials of postal and telecommunications was initiated 19 criminal proceedings in the sphere of violation of intellectual property rights, four persons is already reported about suspicion.

“The end of the operation does not mean that the work in this direction is terminated. We continue to conduct activities to identify so-called “pirates” and is ready to cooperate with rights holders to respond to violations of their rights. Therefore, we encourage interested parties to cooperate in combating piracy,” the report cited the head of the Department of postal and telecommunications Sergey Demediuk.

According to him, the preventive operation “Pirate” was aimed at revealing and suppression of illegal activities in the sphere of intellectual property.

According to the results of the operation in court for the first time the case was brought against a young man who shot first-run movies in theaters and sold these videos for distribution on pirate sites. The case was qualified under part 1 of article 176 (infringement of copyright and related rights) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Now a resident of Krivoy Rog city faces up to two years in prison.

In the Lviv region was suppressed the activity of 13 of pirated resources, which created local. The main income for him was the maintenance of the resources to accommodate them in paid advertising.

In Donetsk, Chernivtsi and Mykolaiv oblasts employees of the police documented the activities of those who for a long time installed and configured the equipment illegal relay thousands of channels. Among them was discovered and banned on the territory of Ukraine of the Russian TV channels.

As reported, the postal and telecommunications launched an operation “Pirates” on counteraction to crimes related to copyright infringement, April 8, 2019.

In early may, the Department reported on the termination of the four pirate Internet resources:, and Daily these sites had more than 100 thousand hits and the website Kinogo is one of the most famous pirate of resources in the search engines of the Internet.