“Deutsche Welle” published new footage of the meeting Elena Zakharenko Yuri Geraskin.

This investigation of the “Deutsche Welle” made in Belarus bombshell. Although we are talking about events of 20 years ago. In 1999 in Minsk lost three well-known critic of Alexander Lukashenko.

Many people in Belarus know that their disappearance is involved in influential circles of the structure. Although he was elected in a democratic way, Lukashenko has strengthened his personal power and became the undisputed ruler. The protests have been severely repressed. For many years Lukashenka called the last dictator in Europe. Among those who were not afraid to criticize the Governor, a former Minister of internal Affairs Yury Zakharanka. As a result of the publication of the DW investigation it became known that his disappearance could be involved in the soldiers of the Belarusian SWAT, the so-called “death squadron”.

In the role of a key witness was made by Yuri Garevski</b>. With him decided to meet the daughter of Yuri Zakharenko Elena to see Garascia in the eye. According to Elena, she wanted to know whether he spoke the truth. Her meeting with the kidnapping and the murder of her father took place when the cameras DW in Switzerland, where Garevski asked for asylum.