MOSCOW, September 1. /TASS/. About 30 million people in Russia celebrate on Friday, the Day of knowledge, the most popular holiday associated with education. About when it appeared and what historical names linked, TASS said a leading researcher of the Institute for humanitarian historical-theoretical studies named after A. V. Poletaev, national research UNIVERSITY “Higher school of Economics” Alexander Dmitriev.

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“The knowledge day – a holiday introduced in the late Soviet period. In pre-revolutionary Russia, education in schools and high schools also started in the fall, but clearly a fixed day and, most importantly, was not a holiday. It lasted even in Soviet times, and only in the mid 30-ies under Stalin, both in middle and high school were installed all the usual norm, when 1 September, all children sit at their desks,” said Dmitriev . The same by a special resolution of Council of people’s Commissars, it was decided that the children will relax in early January, to graduate may 25, and University students to take session two times a year – winter and summer.

However, no holiday has not been established. In some schools teachers carried a ruler and with the children laid flowers at monuments to Lenin and the heroes of the revolution. “But in many ways it was initiatives from below, EN masse, as this practice became widespread in the 80-ies, when they began to cook the famous Soviet reform, and introduced on the eve of perestroika in 1984,” – said Dmitriev.

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He added that, speaking about the history of the day of knowledge, not to mention honored school teacher of Theodore of Bryukhovetsky, Krasnodar Krai and Minister of education of the RSFSR Mikhail Prokofiev. “The first thought of celebration at your school, Prokofiev established his reform”, – said the employee of the Institute.

According to him, many who are now 40, I remember the first official Day of knowledge. “I cancelled all lessons, and across the country after the line was held “lesson of peace”. Then there was the cold war, the arms race, we should have talked about what is a difficult international situation and how to fight for peace. This was not only propaganda, but also some universal things,” said the officer of the Institute.

“Until now this holiday is celebrated in the republics of the CIS. Somewhere are history lessons in classes, then some solemn lesson, but somehow this element of school, he left, and it is important that this day is celebrated not only to students and parents – it is associated with the growth and value of education and science in the country”, – concluded Dmitriev.