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The day of the doctor 2018



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The best examples of how to congratulate friends and colleagues in the medical profession in prose, poetry, fun and postcards.

Every year, the Day of the doctor in Ukraine is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. In 2018, the holiday fell on June 17.

Congratulations on the Day of the doctor in prose

Congratulations on your professional holiday. Your profession is everyday work, bearing good, caring and light, allowing people once again to become healthy. Wish you to achieve significant results in medicine, success, friendly patients, of cheerfulness and optimism.

With the Day of the doctor heartily. I wish not only to take care of the health of others, but also to protect their. Let life fill you with happy moments and pleasant memories, understanding and appreciation of people. Success in your business and a good mood .

Congratulations on the day of the doctor! Your profession save lives, so I wish to let fate generously reward you with a loving family, faithful friends, friendly staff. Let the care you give to people will come back to you twice. Let the goal be realized, the soul will be harmony and joy!

Congratulations on the Day of the doctor funny

I congratulate you on all physicians. I wish you to have your white robe and the smell of the drugs scared off all diseases, not only from you but from all your loved ones. Stay healthy, enjoy your life and let the reasons for joy will be an inexhaustible variety. Give people health, and may your kindness be returned to you child gratitude. Success in everything, prosperity in life and years, and years of professional activity.

Roll up your sleeves, today it’s time to celebrate. I congratulate you with the doctors with the holiday profession. Put aside the stethoscope and enema, pile take not for medical purposes, and in order to raise a festive mood. I wish you all health, so that no one suddenly was not the patient’s own colleagues. And I wish less sick, more wages and permanent prosperity of life.

Workers of the syringe

Send your congratulations

Let all the sick a speedy

Waiting for the recovery.

I wish that all the troubles

And problems in life

Was easily fixed

A drip enema.

An x-ray to find

A stone in his bosom,

Would love to see you

On the cardiogram.

I wish all diseases

In the world to win,

In the Day of the doctor wish

Healthy everyone.

In the day of the doctor take the beaker,

It something give

And drink some for yourself soon

Are you in the glorious holiday of all doctors.

Let the work not get bored

Healthy so be patient

Let cure good smile

No worse than the drug.

Health I wish,

To bring good and light to give,

Your white Bathrobe with respect

The profession is great to wear.

Congratulations on the Day of the doctor colleagues

Dear colleagues! Congratulations on our professional holiday – Day of medical worker! I wish that you and I have always had a place to grow and develop. To own health was excellent. Work brought pleasure, and personal life — the joy and peace of mind. Be the best in their field!

My dear colleagues,

I with the day of the doctor congratulate you,

Patients you obedient

And helpful wish!

That salary we, all missing,

Prize to the guidance we were given.

At home you peace, love and understanding

And care, tenderness and understanding!

I congratulate you, colleagues,

With our main glorious day.

With all the medicine of life

Hand in hand we go.

I wish you all health,

That treatment was not necessary,

All about the dream

Necessarily come true.

Congratulations on the medic Day in verse

The men in white coats… bow to you,

For the sleepless nights, the works.

For saving my life once,

For saving someone’s dreams!

Your labor is very important and all need,

After all, without you people anywhere.

Let the good earth to you arrive

The party bypasses the problem!

Providers, angels of God,

A life in your hands.

May the Lord grant you health,

Happiness, joy, all the best!

In the world there is no work more honorable

Nobler and more essential!

Life saves the health care provider

He treats ordinary people.

I wish you good health

Strong nerves, a lot of effort,

Personal happiness, good luck,

Faith, courage, love!

Congratulations on the Day of the doctor short

In the Day of the doctor with all my heart I wish to skillfully overcome any ailments, it is surely to conquer vast new success, feeling real happiness to go through life.

With the day of the doctor congratulations,

And all the best you wish

Let grief and care,

Not sadden you work.

Congratulations and the Day of the doctor I wish to never break the Hippocratic oath, never to retreat from the principles of luck, happiness and prosperity of life.

Because people are giving hope,

The work given without a trace

We wish you a bright, serene,

And to all you fine!