The group began the ascent to the top of the mountain Metallurgist in the early morning of 6 may. Natalia Antonova and Ekaterina Polyanskaya went ahead, the other seven people behind them. After a couple of hours they began to climb the spurs, reports “Russian conversation”.

The girls first went up to the top, and the rest had not yet risen. Tourists suddenly heard the crunch and immediately heard the screams of their friends. Within a couple of minutes almost all members of the group were buried under an avalanche.

Hours survivor girls trying to find help, but in the place where their friends died, there is no connection besides satellite phone was left under a layer of snow and ice.

Two days later, the tourists met another tourist group and told them what happened.

While data on their health status is not.

The Network has already published one last photo of a tour group before going to the mountains. It is known that they have checked and advised on its route.

Back they had may 15.