As it became known, on March 27, 1968 near the village of Novoselovo in the Vladimir region, the plane crashed, at the wheel which sat Yuri Gagarin along with the instructor Vladimir Seregin, however, on the death of a pet is not only Soviet, but also of all the people on Earth, learned only two days later, and all the data about the tragedy immediately classified. It is this mystery and gave rise to rumors that the accident was not an accident, reports Russian Dialogue, with reference to Popular mechanics

First released into space in a spacesuit man Alexei Leonov, was friends with the world famous Soviet cosmonaut, told me that often, when a person dies, relatives and friends of the deceased remembered something symbolic, unusual behavior dear person. However, Gagarin nothing happened, no apprehension or anything like that.

But over time, the behavior of the hairdresser, who both astronauts had a haircut, thought Leonov not the same as always. Usually after the haircut, he swept hair from the floor and threw. And that Saturday, March 23, 1968, he gently collected the hair Gagarin and put it in a locker.

The official conclusions of the Commission: “the crew is changed in flight direction, made a sharp maneuver and went into a tailspin. The pilots tried to bring the aircraft in horizontal flight, but still collided with the ground. The crew was killed. No faulty equipment, no any traces in the blood of pilots were found”.

“This conclusion seems plausible for ordinary people – says Leonov, but not professional.” The Commission’s report was classified and its details are only known from articles and interviews of its individual members, and picini and circumstances of the accident remain unclear until now.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation”, told the readers of the prophetic message of the famous Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin came to all mankind with an important call.