KIEV, June 12. /TASS/. The district administrative court of Kiev forbade the city authorities to sign and publish the decision on renaming of the Avenue, named in honor of the Soviet commander during the great Patriotic war, Nikolai Vatutin, the prospect of hauptsturmführer of the Waffen SS Roman Shukhevych, to consideration in court in fact. This was announced by Director of the Ukrainian Institute of legal policy and social protection, public figure Irina Berezhnaya in Facebook, attaching a copy of the relevant court orders.

“The ban of the Kyiv city Council to apply for a signature and to publish the solution of session deputies of Kyiv city Council from 1.06.2017 regarding the renaming of Avenue General Vatutin Avenue Roman Shukhevych before the decision in the case”, – stated in the decree of the court, promulgated by the care.

She explained that the court ruling “means that the mayor (of Kiev Vitali) Klitschko’s decision not to sign, and it will not come into force” . “So, we have the opportunity to collect the other half votes for the petition (for canceling the rename – approx. TASS) and prove that the city Council is obliged to reckon with our opinion,” said Berezhnaya. However, the court noted that it could be appealed.

June 1, the Kyiv city Council decided to rename the Avenue General Vatutin Avenue Roman Shukhevych. 6 June in the Ukrainian capital hosted the meeting, where participants, including veterans of the great Patriotic war, appealed to the mayor with a request to cancel the decision of city Council to rename the Avenue. Besides, on the website of the local authority registered the petition, which has already received over five thousand votes; for its consideration is necessary for the remaining 79 days to gain the same amount.

The authorities of Ukraine after the coup of 2014 has unleashed in the country to abolish the memory of the Russian and Soviet past. In may 2015 the Verkhovna Rada adopted a separate law “decommunisation”, and under this policy the deputies of the Kyiv city Council has renamed the Moscow prospectus in the prospectus of the ideological leader of the UPA (Ukrainian insurgent army, banned in Russia) Stepan Bandera. On the same day they renamed the street of Kutuzov in the street General of the center, pereulok Kutuzova lane in Eugene Gutsalo, the street Suvorov in Mikhail Emelyanovich – Pavlenko, the Bauman street in Janusz Korczak.

Nikolay Vatutin – the famous Soviet military leader, General of the army. During the great Patriotic war, he participated in many military operations, including Stalingrad and Kursk battles, forcing the Dnieper and the liberation of Kiev from Nazi invaders. In March 1944, in Western Ukraine Vatutin was ambushed by Ukrainian collaborators and received a severe wound from which he later died. The General is buried in Mariinsky Park in Kiev.

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