The Verkhovna Rada

The Verkhovna Rada during the current plenary week scheduled date of inauguration of newly elected Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, unblocked the signing of the language law was postponed to the end of August, the enactment of fines for owners of cars on avtonomera from 170 thousand UAH.

Several solutions found no support in Parliament. MPs failed to extend the term of the reorganization of the state energy supervision and prohibit to put packs of cigarettes in shops and Kiosks; to extend until the beginning of 2027 funding through subventions to the maintenance of the child in the family foster caregiver.

In addition, members agreed to allow private companies to engage in space activities without a license.

News on topic: the Coalition of the Verkhovna Rada ceased to exist on 17 may, – paruby

The inauguration Zelensky – may 20