ESTORIL, Portugal, March 24. /Spec. Q. TASS Oleg Koshelev/. The decision about whether to apply the system of videoassistance referee for the 2018 world Cup in Russia will be made in March next year. The journalists said the President of the International football Federation (FIFA), Gianni Infantino.

Previously, Infantino announced that the system of videophones arbitrators (VAR) will be used in the confederations Cup of 2017.

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Under the new rules: the system of videophones arbitrators will be applied at the confederations Cup

“I hope that the system will be used at the world Championships in Russia. It is now being tested, this process goes on for more than a year. Final decision will be made in March next year together with the International football Association Board (IFAB),” said Infantino.

“I admit, at first I was skeptical about this system, because they believed that it will tighten and bring down the pace of the matches . But it turned out that no delays were not, and the system really helps the referees to make the right decision. In this modern technology world, every fan, whether at the stadium or at home watching television, know made whether the judge erred. About it knows only the arbitrator, therefore, the system should help him to add football more justice,” added Infantino.

In early March last year, the IFAB, responsible for changes to the rules of the game, approved the testing of videoassisted chief justices. The system is implemented in a test mode for a trial period of two years in the championship not among the leading, for example, in the second division of the championship of Italy. Also the system was tested at the club world Cup 2016, which was held in Japan.