The Ministry of defence of Ukraine declare unfounded accusations against the Agency in the alleged intentions of blocking the purchase of armored personnel carriers BTR-4E and bringing the state enterprise “Kharkiv design Bureau of machine building.Morozov” (KMDB) to bankruptcy.

“The Ministry of defence of Ukraine declares that the accusations are completely unfounded, but the facts widespread number of news agencies and Internet editions, do not have reliable evidence,” – said in a statement published on his official website.

The defense Ministry says that every year since 2014, the planned funds in the state defense order for the purchase of armored vehicles production KMDB and carry out the procurement of armored personnel carriers BTR-4E and vehicles based on them, but the company broke the terms of supply of products, which led to payment of penalties.

“The last such contract in 2017 for the supply of armored personnel carriers BTR-4E, was generally terminated for the purpose of prevention of bankruptcy because of insolvency SE ‘KMDB’ to manufacture equipment in full (goods were partially delivered, which led to shortfalls in the provision of the Armed forces of Ukraine the modern samples of armored vehicles)”, – stated in the message.

The office noted that the state concern “Ukroboronprom” and SE “KMDB” tribut from the Ministry of defense to waive recovery with KMDB penalties for failure to comply with the terms of the contract contrary to the terms of the contract and legislation, as well as the postponement of the delivery of armored vehicles for almost a year.

With respect to the allegations in blocking the development of modernization of T-64 tanks, the defense Ministry indicate that the decision to open the corresponding development work was signed in 2016, but KMDB nearly three years created by the cooperation of companies, which are also included in the “Ukroboronprom” and agreed to work with them. “The contract for the execution of the work of the Ministry of defense with SE “KMDB” is concluded in 2019, but so far the company has not signed the relevant contracts with subcontractors works, what does not allow to start the advance of the contract, the means which are on accounts of the Ministry of defense. Ukroboronprom measures are not taken,” – said in the message.

Due to the current situation, the Ministry of defence on 15 August sent the corresponding appeals to the Supreme leadership of the state.





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