People’s deputies from party “the servant of the people” asking the mobile operators to develop a mechanism to achieve full coverage of mobile Internet territory of Ukraine.

This was announced by Deputy Marian zablocki (fraction “servant of the people”) at the end of the meeting with the tax Committee and operators.

“When we went to the “see!Team” in the election tour, the mobile Internet have worked only in regional centers. This is unacceptable! The Internet is an extremely important for access to education and medical consultations. Internet for all is also freedom from oligarchic television channels. Only covering all the Internet, we can implement the program of “state within the smartphone,” he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Zablocki, in particular, cites operators that the mobile Internet is covered only 70% of the population, and cover another 30% of them is economically unprofitable. “According to representatives of Kyivstar and Vodafone, for full cover you need to change their equipment installed in the 1990s. And to work off the money in districts and villages is unrealistic,” he added.

In his opinion, one of the mechanisms increasing the coverage, can be rate rents for radio frequencies. “Annual income “Kyivstar” is about UAH 10 billion, Vodafone 5 billion Over the frequency of all operators pay 2.6 billion UAH of rent. Of course, not all mobile Internet will be profitable. But radio frequency on which it can be given, limited, and in the hands of these operators…. The rate of rent is tied to the coverage of the population. Less cover – pay more. More cover – less pay. The correct approach of the state to provide the population of the Internet,” – said zablocki.

He said, “operators have asked us to return with a proposal that will balance their incomes, on the one hand, and the population’s access to education, medical consultation and administrative services on the other”.

“I am confident that in addition to tax incentives, we can also do a lot in the regulation to facilitate this task for the operators. Anyway, the coating process of the population of mobile Internet, we will accelerate” – summed up the expert

In turn, the Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee on issues of digital transformation Alexander Fedenko (fraction “servant of the people”) in the comments to the post zablocki noted that this issue must be addressed comprehensively by changing outdated legislation.

As reported, the Ministry of the digital transformation of Ukraine intends to conduct a study of the real Internet cover a whole country.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of the digital transformation of Mikhail Fedorov, the implementation of the communication standard 5G in Ukraine today are unrealistic and impractical. The initial purpose of the Ministry is completing the rollout of 3G and 4G in the next year or two, and providing for three years of Internet social infrastructure and all localities of the country.