Of the most famous in all the world to highlight the legendary Wang, known Nostradamus and the mysterious wolf messing,
reports “Russian conversation”.

The first predictions of Vanga did at a young age – 16
years. to 30 years her name was known to thousands of people in different countries. Seer
knew about the visitors all: the hurt that awaits them in the future and how to help in grief.

Independent Ukraine, it is predicted troubled times: earth
tired of the destructive activities of people and will get rid of them. Wang
warned about the growing number of weather anomalies and disasters, natural
disasters. A few decades ago, she talked about the fact that people will kill each other over faith, justifying such cruelty.

Nostradamus is considered to be one of the most famous, but at the same
one of the most mysterious of the predictors. Until now, scientists cross swords
over his encrypted quatrains, the interpretation of the writings in their own way. Only then,
when the prophecy comes true, it becomes clear the hidden meaning of the messages

In 2019 he promised tests for European countries. So,
Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic and the UK will suffer from flooding.

Wolf messing was the personal adviser to Stalin, Hitler
hated him and prescribed a round sum for the head of the psychic, Freud and
Einstein admired his gift.

He up to date the predicted date of the end of the Second
world war, with up to the minute the time of death of his wife, Aida.

Among his prophecies was the prediction of the future. So
Messing promised the world a large number of conflicts, which will focus on
the extermination of peoples. After a series of bloody events in the world will be a century of peace and
cultural revival, but then the balance is broken and the Earth will cover the Third world war, which will erase from the face of the earth a large part of the population.