The actress of the TV series “University” Valentina Rubtsova, which played the role of a simpleton-Thani, revealed details about the atmosphere on the set, according to the Russian Dialogue.

The actress said that the first seasons of the series were filmed at the plant “ZIL” in the refrigeration shop. According to her, it was a complete horror and hell. In addition to the bad conditions, Valentina complained about the heavy schedule faced by young actors. They were literally living on set for 6 days a week, including 14 hours worked.

On the basis of such poor working conditions they had a fight with Maria Kozhevnikova, who played the role of “Alla”. Rubtsova admitted that they were always together and tired of it. Their conflict lasted for a long period and came to the fact that the girls just did not communicate, only Hello. The actress admitted that when the show ended she really gasped and was completely exhausted.
I should add that Maria Kozhevnikova shared details about the shooting of the series “Univer”. The actress reported that she was glad the end of it and it’s hard to find common language with the team. According to her, not everyone could get along with her character, and for many it was uncomfortable.

Earlier, the Russian Dialogue is reported that Maria Kozhevnikova described in one word Zelensky. The ex-Deputy came to the defense of the President of Ukraine and said that the country needs a ruler. With new views, new thinking and not old rich man who needs to feed the army officials.

Russian Dialogue, informed that Maria Kozhevnikova has published a unique archive image from two years ago. The actress loves to share their photos on social networks.