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VLADIMIR, may 19. /TASS/. Development of domestic and inbound tourism, as well as small and medium business can become a driver in regional development. This opinion was expressed by the participants of the economic forum Vladimir.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin in a written statement to the forum participants, which was read by the Deputy Prime Minister, Vitaly Mutko, said that the potential of small and medium business should be used for tourism development. “It is important to respect the traditions of the rich historical, cultural, spiritual heritage, develop tourism infrastructure and related industries, to use for these purposes a serious potential of small and medium-sized businesses, increase the investment attractiveness of regions”, – said the President .

The development of “Golden ring”

The main theme of the forum this year is the 50th anniversary of the “Golden ring”. Some experts have noted the need to develop tourism infrastructure and expand the list of participants of the “Golden ring”.

As noted by the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region Valery Shantsev, Nizhny Novgorod could be included in the route “the Golden ring”. “I think that any brand and any project should develop. I think that if you talk about the expansion of the “Golden ring”, it is necessary to include Nizhny Novgorod. I am sure that the route “the Golden ring” without Nizhniy Novgorod will become poorer,” he said.

Upgrade gold ring worth, considering new pilot projects, said at the forum, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov and the President Trading-industrial chamber of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin.

Siluanov believes that the resort fee could be extended to cities, part of the “Golden ring”. “Resort fee: will now be carried out a series of experiments in a number of subjects, and I am sure that in the regions of the “Golden ring” is the next step to raise the finances and to have more opportunities for the development of the infrastructure of tourist business,” he said.

Katyrin noted that the inclusion of the cities of “Golden ring” of Russia in the tax free system will be an additional stimulus for the development of tourism. “In Russia in several cities implemented pilot project on introduction of system of tax free. I think it would be great if sometime in the future included the cities “Golden ring” in this pilot project. It would be great spurred tourism in “Golden ring” and gave more opportunities for its development”, – he explained.

Tourism as a driver for the economy

Projects of small and medium-sized business with a ready-made tourist routes will receive full budget funding in the framework of the developed concept of development of tourism in Russia till 2025, said Vitaly Mutko on the sidelines of the forum.

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“In the new program of development of entrance tourism will be a new mechanism of support for small business will be created providing a full support and financing of the tourist project as a whole and not only the creation of the necessary infrastructure. The project “Golden ring 2.0″, traveling on the boat from St. Petersburg to Astrakhan, cruises between Krasnodar region and the Crimea, Vladivostok and China is a whole tourist itineraries that you can maintain as a whole”, – said Mutko.

According to Mutko, the potential of the program “Development of domestic and inbound tourism for 2011-2018” is not being used effectively. “We are not always able to prepare major projects that the government supported them, a lot of inefficient use of funds, we aim to support infrastructure. We would like to field, especially those that share a gold ring, presented joint projects for the development of the great opportunities of the region,” he said at the plenary session Vladimir economic forum “the Golden ring of Russia – 50”.

The increase in revenues from travel industry

Mutko added that this year 35 regions will receive about 5.5 billion rubles for the creation of tourist clusters. “We have a big event – the world Cup and we must show a new, modern Russia. And not only Moscow and St. Petersburg, but throughout Russia”, – he said.

Vice Prime Minister also added that it is necessary to increase the percentage of income from the tourist industry in the GRP. “In General, Russia is 3-4 %. World practice is 10.5 per cent,” he said.

Governor of Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova noted that in parallel to the development of tourism should focus on the small and medium business. “The next stage is the small and medium business artisans. There is no equal to our lacquer miniature potters. Meaning – the packaging for the first time the history of cities, beautifully presented. To attract fans (world Cup 2018 – approx TASS) in the ancient corners of the country,” she said.

To expand the tourist potential of regions is also possible by creating a new route, which will unite the largest ancient Russian city, said the acting Governor of the Novgorod region Andrey Nikitin. “I suggest that after 2018 to reflect on the creation of a single (travel approx. TASS) program for the development of the historical capitals. It seems to me that everyone in Russia must visit the Great Novgorod, Vladimir and Sevastopol”, – he said.

Siluanov noticed that at the moment the Federal centre is doing everything for business development in the regions. “We are all more authority in the sphere of entrepreneurial climate provide the subjects of the Russian Federation on the establishment of the regime for small businesses, we more authority will provide entities for investment incentives and the decision on investment incentives will make the subject of the Russian Federation. We’re talking about is to create additional sources of income for subjects of tourist business”, – said Siluanov.

He added that tourism development is important for Russia. “We are always focused on oil and gas revenues, which price will be oil, gas, what will be the dollar. And there is no need to create such risks, it is possible to increase the number of people who visit our regions, interesting places. And it’s a steady income, steady contribution to gross regional product each subject of the Federation”, – said the Minister of Finance.

Forum in Vladimir

The fifth Vladimir interregional economic forum “the Golden ring of Russia – 50″. Entrepreneurship and tourism: investing in the future” opened on may 19 in Vladimir. Within three days, Federal officials, deputies and senators, representatives of the tourism industry, small and medium business will discuss prospects of development of the popular tourist route.

The Central event will be the plenary meeting which will take place the thematic session of the Federal tourism Agency, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the “Golden ring”, presentations of new tourist routes in Vladimir region, as well as the signing of about 20 agreements on investment and interregional cooperation.

As said by the Governor of Orlov, Vladimir the topic of the next economic forum which passed in 2018, mill machine tools, mechanical engineering, robotics.