Detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) has reported the suspicion of treason and misappropriation of another’s property by abuse of official position, the Director of the state enterprise “Ukrainian scientific-technical and innovation center for integrated information security” (Ukrainian center for “Security”).

As reported the press service of the NABU, according to the investigation, in September-November 2017 the Director of GP “Security”, acting intentionally and out of selfish motives, entered into a criminal conspiracy with the Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine.

They agreed to facilitate the participation of foreign companies “Gray Fox Logistics” (USA) in the execution of the state defense order in the production and supply in Ukraine “poluavtomatizirovannogo production line of the hull with the leading band of the projectile calibers 152/155 mm with a range of spare parts”.

“The officials are well aware that the ability to fulfill the ordering foreign organization does not have”, – said in the release.

In the future, the Director of GP “Security” pursuant to the state defense order provided the contract between Gray Fox Logistics and the State joint-stock holding company “Artem” for the manufacture and supply to Ukraine specialized products.

As found out a consequence, as a result of such action Gray Fox Logistics in may of 2018 received from SJSHC “Artem” advance payment in the amount of $8,29 million (at the time of the crime -217,27 million UAH), however, as of December 2019 foreign company of the terms of the contract and not fulfilled.

Thus were disrupted the implementation of the agreed stages of implementation of the state defense order and created the preconditions incomplete and untimely provision of the Armed forces of Ukraine with ammunition critical item.

Pre-trial investigation of specified facts detectives exercise from December 2019, together with investigators of SBU in the framework of the General investigation group. Investigators have collected evidence for the message to the official GP “Security” of treason. Subsequently, the detectives NAB set in his actions and signs of taking someone else’s property by abuse of official position. Therefore, investigators in coordination with the attorney notified officials about the change previously reported suspicions about the new suspicion on part 5 of article 191 UK of Ukraine.

The actions of a person qualified under part 2 of article 28, part 1 of article 111, part 5 of article 191 UK of Ukraine (Commission of crime by group of persons by prior conspiracy; treason; assignment, waste of property or taking to them by abuse of official position.