Photo: SSES

In Dnipro, a fire broke out in the warehouse with the corrugated cardboard production.

29-April middle of the day in Service of rescue “101” the city of Dnipro received the message on a fire in the Amur-Nizhnedneprovskiy district of the regional center, on the street Simanenkova, 91, where the fire was covered by metal hangars, which were corrugated cardboard raw materials. About it reports head Department gschs of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

“On the scene were sent to fire and rescue Department units 8 of the state fire-saving group GU gschs in the Dnepropetrovsk area.

As it became clear that the fire arose in the middle of the metal hangar. The fire damaged the metal structure of the warehouse, destroyed the cardboard inside on a total area of 1000 square meters.

The fire was localized at 13:55. Eliminated at 18:00″, – stated in the message.

Feature of fire suppression – strong smoke in the burning corrugated cardboard packing material.

To eliminate were involved 40 personnel and 8 pieces of firefighting and rescue equipment.

People on fire were not injured, said the press service.