Dmitry Sotnikov


XI’AN /China, July 22. /Offset. TASS Anton Marinin/. Racer Russian team “KAMAZ-master” Dmitry Sotnikov was pleased with the work inline six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 13 liters, which was installed on his truck at the rally “silk way”. This he told TASS.

The centurions became the winner of the rally-RAID “silk road”. His truck was first installed inline six-cylinder engine with a volume of 13 liters, this was done in order to comply with the regulations, which will act on the rally-marathon “Dakar” in 2018. The installation of this engine resulted in large changes in car design, and in appearance.

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“Motor similar to our previous one, only the characteristics are slightly different – this motor needs to keep the momentum, then it reaches maximum power, – said Sotnikov . – With this motor is convenient to go hard, smooth road, but the dunes have been more difficult, since there it is impossible to keep pace. But, as I understand, this problem all 13-liter engines, there’s one unit, it is large enough and configured for top speed, that is, the dynamics. We need to adapt, so one turbine difficult.”

“This was our first experience with this motor, in principle, adapt to it, you can go, – continued centurions. – Need to think about what could be improved, another turbine may pick up. Overall, I am satisfied, the dynamics we are completely satisfied, speed was good. The motor is not inferior to the previous, but slightly different”.

Captains noted that “the Silk road” failed to validate high-altitude performance of the engine. “We failed to see how the motor behaves at altitude. I think that in the lowlands and the Midlands of this motor competitive, he has a very big margin of power. In General, all the cards we have on hand, you only need to make the right adjustment”.