Photo: Calle Andersson / Ibl Bildbyr

Danny blind has left the post of coach of the Dutch national team . The dismissal of a specialist followed after the defeat of the Bulgarian team in the qualifying match of the 2018 world Cup

The Royal football Federation of the Netherlands (KNVB) has decided the dismissal of coach immediately after the match against Bulgaria, which ended with the score 0:2. This decision was approved by the KNVB’s Director of football Jean-Paul Decosse and technical Director Hans van Brekelenkam. Danny blind has agreed with the requirement to leave the post, informs the official website of the KNVB.

Acting head coach appointed Fred Grim. He will lead the team in the friendly match against Italy, which will take place in Amsterdam on Tuesday, March 28.

“We respect the fact that Danny did for us on the team. However, sports results, unfortunately, were deplorable, and the fact that the team has problems in the qualifying tournament of the world championship, we had to say goodbye to the Blind,” said Decosse.