The Commission on security revealed problems due to which the terrorists managed to attack the territory of the European Union in recent years.

according to “Russian conversation” about it
the newspaper Guardian with
with reference to the report. According to the working
of the team that conducted the investigation,
the militants arrived in the EU shortly before
terrorist attacks. However, they do not
subjected to additional checks.
This is due to the fact that the crossing of the
borders of the Schengen area does not allow
to collate information from national and
international databases.

the report also noted that another drawback of the European system
security is the control of
the movement of terrorists on the territory
EU before and after the attacks are performed. In this
the context of the possibility
gain control at internal borders
The European Union and the main transport
routes .

also drew attention to the fact that even
one problem is the lack of
coordinated work with information
system of the Schengen area, as
some extremists were already
wanted in different European countries.
In light of this, the discussion can be
imposed the question of the establishment of a centralized
gathering system information.