Meeting of the European court of human rights

Russia was found guilty of violating the property rights of Moldovan farmers in Transnistria.

The European court of human rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg ordered Russia to pay compensation to Moldovan farmers who were denied access to their land in Transnistria.

The Russian government must pay the plaintiffs a total of 2.5 million euros, announced on Wednesday, July 18, Director of Moldovan human rights organization Promo-LEX ion Manole, who represented the ECHR the interests of victims.

According to him, the ECHR found Russia “is guilty of violating property rights 1646 farmers and three agricultural companies , which Transnistrian authorities restricted access to their lands for the road Tiraspol − dubăsari − rîbniţa”.

According to the court in Strasbourg, Russia has to pay 1,500 euros to each of the farmers and 5,000 Euro agricultural companies.

Separately, Russia needs to compensate for material damage to the companies Agro-Tiras (worth reach 115.3 thousand euros), Agro-SAVVA (80.5 thousand euros) and the peasant economy Sergei Popa (50 thousand euros), said ion Manole.

This decision was made on the basis that in cases of violations of human rights and of ownership of the ECHR cannot be held accountable unrecognized separatist formation and believes that “the force exerted by economic, political and military aid to Transnistria is Russia guilty of violating the rights of plaintiffs and must pay them compensation.”

Russia has already been found guilty in the detention and imprisonment of members of the so-called “Ilascu group”, which engaged in sabotage activities during the armed conflict in Transnistria.

In addition, Russia has paid compensation to the Moldovan schools teaching in Latin script in Transnistria for the fact that local authorities hindered the educational process.

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Source: Russian service of DW

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