The ECHR building in Strasbourg

Italy found guilty of torture of protesters during the G8 summit in 2001.

The European court of human rights acknowledged Italy is guilty in torture of dozens of protestors, anti-globalization in the period 27th G8 summit in Genoa in 2001. This is stated in the decision of the ECHR, adopted on Thursday, June 22.

In 2001, during a summit of world leaders in Genoa Italian police conducted a special operation in the school, “Diaz-Pertini”, which brought together demonstrators-anti-globalists.

Then the police indiscriminately attacked protesters. The result was the arrested and injured dozens of people. It was reported that the arrested demonstrators who were taken into pre-trial detention centre in Bolzaneto, tortured. As a result, only 15 people were convicted of ill-treatment of detainees. However, none of them were put in jail because the Statute of limitations on the crimes has expired .

The European court of human rights unanimously found a violation by Italy of article 3 (“prohibition of torture and inhuman treatment or degrading human dignity”) of the European Convention on human rights.

It is reported that the ECHR condemned the “particularly serious and cruel” police RAID on the school Diaz-Pertini in Genoa, where the 42 demonstrators. According to the court, Italy has to pay damages in the amount of 45 thousand euros to each plaintiff and for 55 thousand euros in the case of two plaintiffs.

We will note, earlier human rights activists from Human Rights Watch has accused the Turkish authorities that they use torture against prisoners.