Solar Eclipse July 13, 2018: photo

On Friday, July 13, will host a partial solar Eclipse: when and where to see astronomical phenomenon, photo, medical advice.

A partial solar Eclipse when the moon covers the solar disk is not full, starts at 4:48 Moscow time, the maximum peak will reach in 6:02, and 7:13 to end. To observe a natural phenomenon, the Ukrainians can’t.

It is best to be seen Australians living in the southern part of the country, for example in Melbourne, as well as those few people in Northern Antarctica.

On July 13, will begin a “corridor” of eclipses, which will last until August 11. This period will be three eclipses: July 13 – partial sun, July 27 – the moon (longest in the XXI century), August 11 – sun.

In the network appeared the first photos of the Eclipse.

For those of you who missed it! #solareclipse #solareclipse2018 pic.twitter .com/J1r3Jqxvkv

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Surya Grahan 2018: This Year’s Second Partial Solar Eclipse Will Be Witnessed Today

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Influence konechnogo Eclipse

Forecasters say that Eclipse affect weather such as unexpected heavy rain begins, at a time when a moment ago it was hot.

Doctors say that during eclipses of the people may experience headaches, changes in blood pressure, exacerbation of chronic diseases, pains in the heart.

Solar Eclipse (photo: EPA/UPG)

Astrologers claim that the influence of the solar Eclipse is felt even two weeks before the event itself and significantly 14 days after it.

In the period before and after the eclipses recorded growth of crime, an increasing number of accidents or other catastrophes, and even increases the mortality rate. Lunar and solar disasters affect people’s behavior, making them more aggressive and conflictual.

In July there will be the longest in the 21st century, lunar Eclipse

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