The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine intends to introduce external independent evaluation for students who enrol on a master’s degree in International law from 2018.

“International law” is defined as a law degree. Students of this specialty should be on an equal footing with other lawyers and to confirm their qualification on the appropriate examination”, – the press service quoted the words of the head of Department of regulatory support of higher education Ministry of education Dmitry Komkov.

The report said that last year’s experiment on the selection and admission of students on specialty “Law” in the format of UPE was successful. It was attended by 9 universities of Ukraine.

In 2017, the testing was extended in this specialty for all universities.

From 2018 the tests will be extended to entering the specialty “International law”.

The external assessment involves three sections: “Law”, “Foreign language” and “Test of General educational legal competence” .

“Law” contains 70 questions for the six legal disciplines.

Test of General competence is a speed test, as lawyers in practice often have to process large amounts of documents in a short time. It includes tasks on the critical, analytical and logical thinking. The third part of the test Foreign language job offers on a choice of three languages: English, German and French.