Photo: Matthew Childs / Reuters

The French protest against pension reform.

Some of the major tourist attractions of Paris were forced to close for lack of staff due to a nationwide strike.

It is reported “European true” with reference to The Local.

Although the staff of museums and tourist centers are not on strike, they faced difficulties to get to work, because transportation does not go.

Eiffel tower and musée d’orsay are closed because of staff shortages. The Louvre, Centre Pompidou and other museums issued a warning that some parts of the museums and exhibits are closed.

Thursday, 5 December, France announced a national strike against pension reform, prepared by the government, fulfilling a campaign promise of the President of Emmanuel Macron.

The main driving force behind the protest began as usual transporters announced indefinite strike. Rail traffic is almost paralyzed the country and in Paris, where public transport is on strike.

Because of the teachers strike closed two-thirds of schools. Strike energy, air traffic controllers and hospital. Protests carried out by the police and court staff.

The reason for the protest is a radical reform of the pension system, promised by President Makron.