Russian Olga Smirnova, was taken into custody in February, Thai law enforcement agencies for fish feeding in the territory of the exclusion zone, will be sent home on a Charter flight.

Such information is received from the head of the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Bangkok Vladimir Sosnova. About it reports “Russian conversation”, citing RIA “Novosti”.

According to the diplomatic mission, the flight is scheduled for Thursday, March 9. Some time ago it was reported that the citizen of the Russian Federation is not obliged to pay 28 dollar fine. This is due to the verdict of the judge about the competition two days in a police station as a prison instead of monetary sanctions.

Smirnov came to the custody of the immigration authorities of Thailand after working with the judiciary. Those and made the decision to release her .

The court and the result was somewhat delayed, and that led to the delay of the Russians in the plane of the return flight. However, Russian diplomats have made the effort and turned to the carrier. They managed to negotiate with the company about the return of tourists without any payments for a Charter flight.

It is assumed that a resident of Russia is not so hard “got off”. Thai authorities can be fined for feeding the fish in the places of germination of corals at three thousand dollars and imprisoned in jail for exactly one year.

Previously, “Russian conversation” was told that at one of the resorts of Thailand, was recorded the death of tourists from Russia. According to diplomats, the death occurred as a result of falling from a height of 27-storeys. The woman simply fell from the balcony and the circumstances of the incident are still coming in from all sides.