Vocalist of the Finnish group said that the group ceases to exist.

1991 is considered the founding date of the group. The musicians began their careers in the Finnish capital, Helsinki. They became famous after the release of his album called Razorblade Romance. It is worth noting that after 2013 the group has not released new albums, according to “Russian conversation”.

Recently became aware of the fact that the team finally disbanded. This was discussed in a new post on the group page in one of social networks. Also in the post was announced a farewell tour HIM, in which musicians will come to Russia.

Vocalist, Ville Valo, has revealed the reasons for the collapse. According to HIM the frontman, the band was somewhat implausible way, and now the musicians decided to finish his career in its composition . The Villa also added that all the tasks in the team performed and at the moment is to say goodbye to the fans.

It is worth noting that during the tour, the group will hold concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Performances will take place in late fall 2017.