BERLIN, September 24. /TASS/. Block the conservatives of Angela Merkel wins the Sunday elections in the Bundestag, gaining nearly 33%. In second place entrenched social Democrats (SPD) with the worst in its history, the result of 20%. A tectonic shift in German policy was the hit of the “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) in Parliament, where there was no right-wing parties since the end of world war II .

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All, according to the exit poll, commissioned by the Central channel ARD in Parliament in 19-th convocation for the first time since 1953, will be represented by six political forces – acting as a single bloc of Christian democratic Union and Christian social Union (CDU/CSU 33.2 per cent), SPD (20,8%), ADH (13,1%), the Free democratic party (FDP, 10.4%), and “green” (9.2 percent) and Left party (8.7 percent).

After the SPD decided to go into opposition, arithmetically possible there is only one option of formation of ruling coalition – “Jamaica” (CDU/CSU, free Democrats and greens). However, German experts warn that such a government can be extremely volatile in light of disagreements on several key points between parties.

Fourth term Merkel

The results of the election, though the conservatives became poor, and the worst for Chancellor Angela Merkel for all 12 years of her reign, but allow her to form a coalition. About it she said, speaking to his party members. “We are strategic task performed and become the largest power, we have the task to form a government. Bypassing it will not be generated”, – said Merkel.

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She also outlined key tasks for the coming four years. In the forefront she set not strengthening the economy, ensuring the unity of the European Union and the restriction of illegal migration are mentioned, and the return departed from the party electorate.

“We have before us now is a big challenge – getting the “Alternative for Germany” in the Bundestag”, – said the leader of the conservatives. “We will conduct a detailed analysis, we want to correct mistakes and to discourage ADH voters,” she added.

The end of the reign of the social Democrats

The social Democrats, showed the worst result in postwar history, made the decision to go into opposition. “I understand that in this day you are waiting for an explanation. We failed to mobilize our traditional base of voters, despite the fact that in recent years has been able to achieve a lot in social policy”, – said the leader of the SPD, Martin Schulz. “This is a bitter day for German social-Democrats”, he added.

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At the same time he stated that he has no plans after the failure in the elections to resign as party leader. “No, who says so?” Schulz said, answering a journalist’s question whether he is going to resign as leader of the SPD. “I enjoy the support from the Board for update [of course] of the party”, – the politician noted.

This, in his own words, Schultz and plans to do in the future. And to lead the SPD faction in the Bundestag the party will trust another politician. As one of the candidates for the position, according to the experts, the Minister of labour and social Affairs in the current Cabinet Andrea Nales.

Germany will rule “Jamaica”?

From the arithmetic point of view, the only possible option of establishing the ruling coalition in Germany is the so-called “Jamaica” – by color, symbolizing conservatives, liberals from Free democratic party (FDP) and green, matching the colors of the flag of the state concerned.

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At the regional level, “Jamaica” now rules in the land Schleswig-Holstein. It was first formed in 2009, the Saar and collapsed even before the elections to the Landtag (state Parliament). At the Federal level, such a coalition still existed, and it would become a precedent.

In light of the differences between the Bavarian Christian social Union, the FDP and greens on a number of issues at the Federal level, such an Alliance would be extremely unstable and would very quickly lead to political chaos, when partners would simply block each other in making important decisions, experts say. At the same time, they believe that “Jamaica”, on the contrary, could lead to truly “restart” political Germany and implement a number of initiatives for the benefit of the country, including in the sphere of ecology, development of digital technologies, science and education.

Alternate reality Germany

Contact ADG to the Bundestag was not a surprise for the German public. Very good were the ratings right-wing populists over the last year.

After the announcement of the first exit polls, according to which the eurosceptics have become the third power of the fraction and formally lead the opposition, one of the leaders of ADH Alexander Gauland said that “the hunt begins” on the party of Angela Merkel. The Chancellor has promised to thoroughly analyze the situation, to bring back the voters who defected from the CDU/CSU to the right. According to sociologists, from conservatives to ADH left about a million supporters among those who voted on Sunday.

For the “Alternative”, which became the first right party in the German Bundestag in modern history, voted for about 13% of voters. Other parties do not have reasons to believe populist “Nazi and racist” political power and refuse to interact with her. In turn, one of the leaders of ADH Alice Vidal has stated that it wants “to constructive cooperation in the framework of the parliamentary opposition.”