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MOSCOW. 5 Aug. /TASS/. The EU’s decision on new sanctions, which the sanctions hit two officers of the Ministry of energy, was made for political reasons, while the EU’s intervention in the dispute with Siemens and Technopromexport (part of the Rostec) as of two business entities is a direct violation of international legal norms. This was stated today at the Russian Ministry of energy.

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“First of all, intervention in a dispute between two business entities is a direct violation of international legal norms. With years of experience from Siemens, it is difficult to imagine that the company was a “hostage situation”. The energy Ministry has no doubt that the EU made the decision based solely on political considerations . Therefore, unfortunately, the tradition, no legal grounds for inclusion in the sanctions list of the employees of the Ministry of energy was not presented,” – said in the message.

Earlier on Friday, the European Union has extended sanctions for a further three physical and three legal entities. Under the restrictions were JSC and OJSC “Technopromexport” CJSC “Interavtomatika”, and also the Deputy energy Minister Andrei Cherezov, the Director of the Department of operational control and management in electric power industry and the economy Grabchak and Sergei TopoR-Gilkey – General Director of “Technopromexport” (a subsidiary of the state Corporation “rostec”).

Ministry of energy notes that “the EU’s decision on the inclusion in the sanctions list of two employees of the Ministry of energy is puzzling” and expects the European Union further clarification on extension of sanctions. “We are waiting for further clarification from the EU. The Ministry of energy, in turn, intends to continue to ensure the energy security of consumers. Political ambitions should not be an obstacle to implementation by governments of their obligations to the citizens”, – stated in the message.

Siemens on July 21 announced the suspension of deliveries of power equipment of Russian firms, since, according to him, four sold for a power plant in Taman gas turbine was moved to the Crimea to bypass sanctions of the European Union.