At Amsterdam airport during the protests of environmental activists detained

Dozens of activists protested, saying that the airport remains a big polluter in the climate crisis.

In the shopping center Schiphol airport in Amsterdam arrested environmental activists during the climate protests. It is reported by NOS on Saturday, December 14.

As reported, activists from Greenpeace and Extinction of the Rebellion held a protest.

“Several hundred people from Greenpeace and Extinction of Rebellion today held a protest at the Mall. Day militiamen detained the protesters. The number of detainees is unknown”, – stated in the message.

Dozens of activists refused to leave the shopping center, and detained them. It is noted that subsequently was given permission for holding the rally on the street. According to the protesters, the airport is the biggest polluter in the climate crisis. And despite this, its area increases, pollution becomes even more.

Activists believe that we need to reduce the number of flights. First of all, for short distances, especially if the railway offers a good alternative.

Earlier, Greenpeace stormed the building of the Council of Europe before the EU summit. Activists climbed the building on the scaffolding and hung a giant banner about the climate crisis.

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