56-year-old Estonian living in the village Ohepalu, fired warning shots from his rifle after NATO military crossed the border of his plot.

Information about the incident released by the portal “Sputnik Estonia”, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to law enforcement agencies, the aforesaid units of the Alliance took part in military maneuvers “Spring storm”. In the course of events the soldiers were on private property. From local resident, followed by a requirement to leave the station, after which he fired once into the air.

The incident has not led to victims or to the victims. Against an Estonian citizen, the guards opened a criminal case. A man can receive at least five years in prison.

Recall that in “the Spring storm – 2017” attended by about 9 thousand soldiers. They are on the territory of the Baltic States since 8 may. For such a big event also attracted 2 .3 million foreign troops from the armies of 14 Nations.

Thursday, may 26, to be held the official ceremony of finishing maneuvers. Then all the soldiers went to the point where they are deployed.