Ankara urged to stop illegal activities, to respect the inalienable sovereign right of Cyprus.

The European Union has criticized Turkey’s intention to undertake exploration and drilling in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus.

“The international law of the sea, the principle of good neighbourly relations, sovereignty and sovereign rights in the marine areas of all member States must be respected,” reads the statement of the official representative of the European external action service.

On the eve of the Turkish authorities announced the intention to send to the shores of Cyprus drilling vessel Yavuz for the new operation.

Turkey is developing gas fields in the Eastern Mediterranean, near the coast of Cyprus. In Ankara say they have obtained a license from the authorities of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

This license in the EU do not recognize. Cyprus TRNC is considered the territory of the country illegally occupied by Turkey in 1974. Turkey remains the only country in the world to recognize the independence of Northern Cyprus.

Earlier it was reported that the Turkish military was sent to the Northern part of Cyprus the first strike UAV Bayraktar.

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