The EU has reduced CO2 emissions in 2018

In the past year, compared with 2017 the reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) amounted to an average of 2.5%.

Per year in EU countries has significantly decreased carbon dioxide emissions as the product of combustion of fossil fuels. On Wednesday, 8 may, Eurostat said.

It is noted that the reduction was an average of 2.5% compared with the 2017 year. Emissions declined in 20 countries, but especially succeeded Portugal (9%), Bulgaria (8.1 per cent), Ireland (6.8%) and Germany (5.4 percent).

At the same time, countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Finland, increased emissions.

Recall that carbon dioxide accounts for 80% of the total volume of gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

Earlier it was reported that in 2018 the emissions of carbon dioxide on Earth has reached a historic record. The largest share (85%) emissions growth occurred in China, India and the United States. In some countries, such as Germany, Japan, Mexico, France and the United Kingdom, emissions decreased.

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