The EU countries represented in the UN security Council, has criticized Russia’s decision to simplify the procedure of granting Russian citizenship to residents of certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.

“The signing of the Russian President’s decree giving the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk right to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner, is undermining the sovereignty of Ukraine”, – said in a statement released by a number of European countries, particularly France, Belgium, Germany and the UK.

It indicates that the step from the Russian side “contrary to the purposes and spirit of the Minsk agreements”.

“We support the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”, – reads the statement of the EU – members of the UN security Council.

During the meeting of the UN security Council, the permanent representative of France to the UN Francois Delattr again criticized this decision of Russia, calling it provocative. He pointed out that, in the opinion of Paris, the Russian side is “intentionally” undermine the Minsk agreement.

“In doing so, Russia deliberately undermined the spirit of the Minsk agreements. This is a provocative decision,” he said.

The French diplomat noted that the simplified procedure for issuing passports to residents of Donbass is not a solution to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

“The solution to the crisis – not to give Russian passports to Ukrainian citizens, and in compliance with obligations under the Minsk agreements to end the conflict”, – said F. Delacr.

French permanent representative to the UN also expressed concern over the humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine, urging parties to the conflict to take concrete actions to solve this problem.

In addition, F. Delattr pointed to the need for improvements in security. “The ceasefire regime is still not respected by the parties, the heavy machinery is also not taken away from the line of contact,” he said.