The European Union has moved towards Union in the field of defence and security, and helps cooperation between EU members to strengthen the defense potential, said EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini.

“We come, finally, to the creation of the European Union security and defense. It was the dream of our founding fathers in 1950-ies, but at that time it didn’t work. I think now it’s gone and we can be proud of,” said Federica Mogherini on Monday in Brussels at the conference “Hybrid threats and the EU: state of play and Outlook for the future.”

“In a world where threats are transnational by definition, there is no other way to ensure our citizens safety and to make our world safer,” – said Federica Mogherini.

She noted that in addition the EU authorities promoting the efficiency of defense spending among members of the Union.

Mogherini recalled that the EU strengthening and maintenance of defense capabilities is the responsibility of national governments. In this case, now under consideration, increasing defence spending to 2% of GDP is a matter of choice of national governments and national parliaments, and for the countries-members of NATO is also the subject of discussion within the Alliance, she said.

However, the EU has created over the past year, a number of tools to help its members to jointly invest in defence projects in order to maximize the return on investment, said MS Mogherini.

“Thus, the framework within which the EU can work and is working, mean the reduction of inequality in the results output than inequality in the number of invested funds”, – she explained.

Mogherini said that the European defence Agency is now reviewing the plan for the development of defence capabilities, to ensure that by the spring of next year, including its new priorities means of countering hybrid threats.