In the European Union believe it is important for the United States to coordinate possible new sanctions against Russia with international partners.

“We know about the bill in the U.S. Congress. It is important that possible new measures be coordinated among international partners to ensure the impact of these measures on an international scale and to preserve the unity between the partners in the sanctions,” – said on Friday “Interfax” the official representative of the Union.

“We will continue to closely monitor how events will unfold in Congress in this regard”, – said the representative, commenting on the approved on the eve of a U.S. Senate bill with the new anti-Russian sanctions.

The Senate bill, including a tightening of anti-Russian sanctions in the energy sector, criticized the foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel and the Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern .

“First of all, we see the threat of extraterritorial sanctions to European companies that are engaged in shaping the energy supply of Europe”, – said in their joint statement released on June 15.

“Political sanctions instruments should not be at the expense of economic interests. Germany and Austria and other European countries are under the threat of a fine on the US market, when they participate in such projects as Nord Stream 2 or Finance them. It brings new and negative qualities in European-American relations. We are talking about the competitiveness of our energy industry and about thousands of jobs”, – said Z. Gabriel and K. Kern.

“The energy supply of Europe – the case of Europe, not the United States of America!” – it was noted in a joint statement.