Its goal is the creation of a competitive, green and digital Europe.

The European Commission presented its new industrial strategy which has the goal of creating competitive, green and digital Europe.

It is reported with reference to the press service of the European Commission.

“The European Commission presents a new strategy that will enable European industry to double the lead in the transition to climate neutrality and digital leadership. The strategy aims to increase the competitiveness of Europe and its strategic autonomy in the period of the shift in the geopolitical plates, and the intensification of global competition”, – stated in the message.

The package of initiatives defines a new approach to European industrial policy, which proposes a number of measures to support all players of the European industry, including large and small companies, innovative startups, research centers, service providers, suppliers and social partners.

The new industrial strategy will help to implement three key priorities: maintaining the global competitiveness of the European industry and a level playing field, both domestically and at the global level, ensure the climate neutrality of Europe till 2050 and shaping the digital future of Europe.

The strategy defines the key factors of industrial transformation of Europe and provides a comprehensive set of future actions.

In particular, we are talking about the action plan in the field of intellectual property aimed at supporting technological sovereignty, promoting the creation of equal conditions at the global level, a more effective fight against theft of intellectual property and adaptation of the legal framework in the green and digital transitions.

Also provides comprehensive measures for modernization and decarbonization of the energy-intensive industries, support sustainable and intelligent mobility sectors, energy efficiency.

The strategic autonomy of the EU envisages reducing dependence on critical raw materials, the development of strategic digital infrastructure and related key technologies.

The objectives of the industrial strategy until September 2020 should be created so-called Industrial forum of the EU, which is a technological platform open to representatives from industry, including small and medium enterprises and the social partners.