The decision regarding the deprivation of marine Le Pen’s immunity was taken today, June 15. The relevant document posted on the official website of the European Parliament.

According to “Russian conversation”, the leader of political force “national front” has no neprikosnovennosti Deputy.

A number of influential mass media of France notes that the European Parliament decision was taken after the request, which was sent by law enforcement authorities of France.

Note, the Paris Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation against Le Pen, whose staff is suspected of fictitious employment as assistants in the European Parliament.

Earlier the Committee listened to the recommendations that were voiced by staff members of the European Parliament on legal issues . It is a structural subdivision and recommended to deprive of parliamentary immunity of the former candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen.

Recall that on 14 June the European Parliament adopted a decision on deprivation of inviolability of the founder of the party “national front” Jean-Marie Le Pen.