Photo: Reuters a nuclear power plant in Hungary

Public investment in the project was approved in Brussels.

The European Union gave the green light to the Russian-Hungarian project of building two new nuclear power plant “Paks-2” in Hungary. “During our investigation, the Hungarian government undertook a number of commitments that allow us to resolve these investments within the framework of EU rules on state investments”, – said Monday, March 6, the European Commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager, in a special report of the European Commission.

Thus, the Commission acknowledged that Hungary intends to invest in the modernization of nuclear power plant state funds, but in this case it does not contradict the lines of the European Union to maintain competition in domestic markets.

About the readiness to fully Finance construction in the amount of 12.5 billion euros in early February, said Russian President Vladimir Putin . For this, he said, need to change the terms of the agreement in 2014. The current agreement provides for granting by Russia of Hungary’s 10-billion loan, amounting to 80% of the project cost.

The decision to obtain Russian Rosatom contract to build two new reactors nuclear power plant, the Hungarian authorities adopted without holding a tender.

Earlier it was reported that Bulgaria has paid the debt for Rosatom Belene NPP – the total amount of payment made 601,6 million euros.