Photo: Getty Images the EU is accusing 16 people in the development and use of chemical weapons against the Syrian population

Now in the sanctions list of the EU 255 persons and 67 legal entities.

The European Union decided to impose sanctions against 16 soldiers and scientists to Syria, which are accused of carrying out chemical attacks in the country, is spoken in the message of the EU Council.

“The Council on 17 July 2017 included 16 people to the list of individuals targeted by the EU restrictive measures in force against the Syrian regime. The EU added these 16 individuals for their involvement in the development and use of chemical weapons against the civilian population” – stated in the message.

The document States that it is “about eight senior soldiers and eight scientists involved in the dissemination and use of chemical weapons”.

Thus, in the sanctions list of the EU against members of the regime of Bashar al-Assad will appear on 255 . It also includes 67 legal entities.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in may, the United States expanded its sanctions against Syria. Also the Americans have imposed sanctions against eight Russian organizations. They are accused of violation of United States law on non-proliferation in respect of Iran, North Korea and Syria from 2009.

In turn, the European Union at the end of may for a year extended sanctions against Syria.

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